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Premium subscription    £99 for 1 year
  • Access all news and features
  • Drill-down current and archived news by category
  • Year-by-year survey rankings and 10+ prior-year extracts
Licence for latest asset data    £1250 for 1 year
Off-the-shelf solution, revealing the full 'latest figures' table for each of 'assets under custody' and 'assets under administration', to varying reference dates, with limited licence to manipulate the data. Terms
Full analyst's licence covering your choice of historic asset data    
Our databank contains current data, and also data going back to 1999, for the client assets of custodians and fund administrators. It extends to market share, trends and historic data. For 'assets under custody', it includes splitting of assets managed directly from those managed as sub-custodian, domestic assets from cross-border assets and similar breakdown, for certain custodians. Tell us your requirements
ServiceMatrix ratings    £3000 for 1 year
Gain access to reports of vendor ratings at ServiceMatrix for each category within these areas:
 FX & Pre-trade/trading
 Securities Services
 Fund Services
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Survey reports
R&M Investor Services Survey: Full Report    £635
R&M Fund Administration Survey: Full Report    £250